Asynsis: A New Design ToE

How Phi Flows in Time To Synergise Simplexity into SynPlexity, Most Easily

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How does Nature Self-Organise her Designs Most Easily?

How does Nature, despite the global trend towards a sea of increasing entropy & disorder, still allow for local islands of exquisite beauty and order?

Unity in Diversity Defined: Asynsis SynPlexity dynamics for Self Organised Critcality via the Edge of Chaos, to The Poised Realm-Homeostasis of Broad Boulevards of Possibility & Innovation, Most Easily to a Telos of— E Pluribus Unum ἐκ πάντων ἓν καὶ ἐξ ἑνὸς πάντα“Possibilities”

How (KAM) Number Theory Protects You from the Chaos of the Cosmos — Galileo Unbound

Saturnalia — Saturn, Titan and its Rings. NASA — Cassini
Snowball Earth by Oleg Kuznetsov
Evolution is Nature Thinking — Charles Darwin’s Eureka Evolution Sketch
An Eternal Inflationary Multiverse with Self-Organised Critical, Edge of Chaos, Poised Realm, Asynsis-Constructal geometries
Laniakea our home galaxy supercluster vine, with the Shiraz grape Milky Way
M74 Form Follows Flow — Asynsis spatial-temporal geometries from Asynsis-Constructal temporal Processes
Asynsis-Constructal gravitational periodics & tension Orchestrates all Solar Systems
Sphere Music waltzing across the Great Red Spot
Gaia & Artemis, lit by Apollo, photo-bombed by Orion
Earthrise — December 2022 by Danuri
Jupiter, KAM-herds the Asteroids, thereby (just like an ancient deity), protecting Earth
Spiralis Mirabilis
  1. Beyond the spatial and statics — how it also behaves in time and dynamics, in both inanimate and animate systems
  2. How it acts, via being an archetype of self-similarity & an elementary fractal, as an emergent geometric signature & universal numerical constant of nature for the principles of least action and least energy
  3. How it also reveals ideal geometric (information relational), forms from optimal Constructal thermodynamic, irreversible energy and resource flows
  4. How it yields Complexity most Simply via Synplexity: leveraging Computational Complexity Universality via its memory, self-observation and error-correction attributes
  5. How it behaves, via leveraging entropy, the 2nd law of thermodynamics (the only physics law that is not time-reversible, but which can be transiently defied); via the science of complex dissipative feedback systems, as an elementary source creation-code for Emergence itself.

Walking the Talk, taking the Theory into Practice

The TEDx Talk: #FormFollowsFlow presentation at the Vine, Hong Kong, 2014

Nigel Reading ARB-UK RIBA at the Vine, Wanchai, Hong Kong, China
Nigel Reading ARB-UK LEED RIBA
TEDx Wanchai Hong Kong 2014

The MetaLoop Walk — as published in Fifth Estate:

The Asynsis-Constructal Theory in Practice as Next Generation Renewables-powered Urban Rapid Transit
How SyPlexity, single platform, multi-modal, biomimetic design yields higher societal productivity & revenues
Sunflower Mirabilis
Consciousness at the Critical Point — A SynPlexity GoldiLocks Zone, just like Earth’s KAM Poised Realm Asynsis spatio-temporal geometry orbit
Alan Turing, Nazi Enigma hacker, father of modern Computing, of AI and Asynsis Inspiration
“4D geometric object called a 120 Cell. It has been mathematically projected into 3D and printed out of titanium” J Gregory MoxnessMy ToE
Flying Phi in the Sky
The Ultimate Strange Attractor
Art without Artists?
E8 Exceptionally Simple ToE Particle-Charge Polytope with fundamental Golden Platonic-Asynsis geometry
KAM Golden Orbits curate Order from Chaos, in Cosmos to Quantum Biology & Consciousness
E8 Seed, Feigenbaum Trees
The Phi Feigenbaum Mandelbrot Bridge — how the Cosmos Computes?
Asynsis Phi Julia Set
Manedelbrot — Julia Set Encyclopedia & New Phi-Asynsis Icon
Falling for Φ ”…as chaotic (most rational pursuit of the irrational, pragmatic source of the poetic); as infinitely creative, as nature can be”



Architect+Designer, Complexity geometer, Sustainability advocate, TEDx speaker, Asynsis principle: More for Less, Form follows Flow

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Architect+Designer, Complexity geometer, Sustainability advocate, TEDx speaker, Asynsis principle: More for Less, Form follows Flow