Thanks for reminding us of the bigger picture and longer timeline.
It’s so needed in these alarming, seemingly dystopian times which are such a jarring (and really “deplorable”), departure from the Obama era.

There’s a lot to be said that this is the last gasp of the previous era, as Brian Eno also says. In short, we need a society that’s less like a top-down orchestra and more like a bottom-up folk, rock (or jazz) band.
Or as we say, one that like nature, is a fusion of both.
“In other words, he says, society should be built on the more egalitarian model of a folk or rock band, who just get together and do their thing, rather than a classical orchestra.
“Can’t you see,” he says with the passion of a visionary, “if you transpose that argument into social terms, it’s the argument between the top down and bottom up?
It is possible to have a society that doesn’t have pre-existing rules and structures. And you can use the social structures of bands, theatre groups, dance groups, all the things we now call culture. You can say: ‘Well, it works here. Why shouldn’t it work elsewhere?’”
He’s right, Californian bottom-up meets Confucian top-down is the Glocal Chimerica fusion-culture sustainable future that beckons, but only if we constantly advocate it. Why?
It’s how nature works (self-organising emergence towards #Criticality #PoisedRealm #Universality regimes that allow optimal complexity for sustained periods — towards #SynPlexity).
So we need to better map her dynamical systems, her generative music to create a viable #EcoMimetic future. #AsynsoΦia #Asyntopia
We begin to map it here — via the TED-shared #AsynsisConstructal paradigm:

Architect+Designer, Complexity geometer, Sustainability advocate, TEDx speaker, Asynsis principle: More for Less, Form follows Flow

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