“Matter is resting light” as the architect Louis Kahn once wrote.
So in a sense, since we’re immersed in electromagnetic radiation, for which no mass and no time exists at photon scale — does this mean we’re both simultaneously within but also at the very limit of the universe’s extent?
Is this light speed-mass-scale limit more evidence for a 2D holographic event horizon surrounding and signifying our 4D universe, which may in turn have a black hole in a previous universe as its origin? Is it more evidence for deep-time universal life-cycles within a multiversal “ecosystem”?
Some wild(ish) #CosmoGaia cosmological design speculation — after Plato, Whitehead and Smolin:

Architect+Designer, Complexity geometer, Sustainability advocate, TEDx speaker, Asynsis principle: More for Less, Form follows Flow

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