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Here’s a Circular EcoLivable City multi-modal light transit/renewable energy/data generation distribution artery proposal via a short version (and Asynsis Blog post), of the #MetaLoop PPT presented to Jilly Gibson, North Sydney Mayor last Thursday October 19 for Warringah Expressway in Sydney — we also propose this initiative for Pyrmont-Ultimo to Central Station-UTS and the Airport linking the three key universities, including USYD & UNSW — but we also see it as ideal for Melbourne’s Fisherman’s Bend and the Innovation Spine (thereby also retooling the recently defunct Holden plant there to instead make MetaLoop mobility items like poles and bridges, then the PRT-EV/AVs):

So how to make our cites more #EcoLivable, sooner and affordably?

Asynsis Architecture + Design shares #MetaLoop:
#MetaLoop as one of the best, fastest & easiest ways to activate, green and decarbonise our cities by following our TEDx-shared optimal, beautiful #FormFollowsFlow #AsynsisConstructal #EcoLivable city paradigm:


Our Arup precedent: London Overground’s #GingerLine:

Hong Kong TEDx talk here on our “green is gold” design ToE:

And so you know the current status — here’s an update of MetaLoop progress to date, made largely over the last two months:

(with my Arup London Overground GingerLine precedent):



Momentum is building behind the proposals. This push now includes:

1. City of Sydney leadership (Councillors and Carbon Management), interest and potential for request to form a team to provide a Feasibility Study. Councillor Craig Chung has also just been personally briefed on MetaLoop, which he received largely positively, in a Smart Cities context

2. Government of Victoria Environment Minister alerted to the proposal, which they are considering

3. UTS Architecture PhD approval on MetaLoop as practice example of Constructal theory of Professor Adrian Bejan, now engagement with Institute for Sustainable Futures as well

4. EnergyLab.org.au membership

5. UTS Renewable Energy PM support, potential to partner

6. Pyrmont-Ultimo Chamber of Commerce: potential support for a trial site there linking the Harbour to Central station down the central Harris Street spine of the peninsula, 2nd phase from Central station to Airport, 3rd phase down Anzac parade to UNSW — linking all three major Sydney universities with a carbon-neutral, active personal and public transport network

7. Interest from the world’s largest Solar PV manufacturer, plus strategic briefing via a key partner, to one of our major national power utility companies regarding their current discussions with the Federal government

8. Ongoing discussions with Tesla & Google (and other potential commercial partners which are in progress) on their potential involvement on several fronts

9. Shared with Secretary for Transport NSW and Innovation Team, plus AUSTRADE

10. Endorsement from UNSW representative for feasibility study for a 3rd phase of MetaLoop linking UTS-USYD-UNSW from Central to the Airport

11. Mayor of North Sydney, Jilly Gibson interest to deck over Warringah Expressway with playing fields and add a Green MetaLoop from the Harbour Bridge to the end of the expressway, presented to her last week (19/10/17), her response was very positive subject to financing and jurisdictions, so she referred us to NSW Ministers for Innovation and Transport, plus Mayor of Sydney

12. Institute for Sustainable Futures @ UTS in Sydney and Deakin university in Melbourne engagement (3 Masters Engineering students assigned at Deakin last week for a Melbourne MetaLoop study via an RMIT colleague). We’re now also supported by WWF’s Low Carbon Futures Australia Head and participating in the WWF Future Cities accelerator programme.

So we look forward to discussing the proposal with you some more when you have a spare moment with a view to next steps, possibly structured around formal UTS & UNSW feasibility studies in partnership with Asynsis & EnergyLab, Arup and other consultant partners in the clean energy space.

Many thanks and Kind regards,

Nigel Anthony READING — 陳奈錦 (CHAN Nai Jing) ARB-UK RIBA LEED GA
Design Director

ASYNSIS Architecture + Design
@ EnergyLab.org.au — UTS
Form follows Flow

asynsis.com | asynsis.nar@me.com
+852 9370 1841 | +86 132 9610 9218 | +61 (0)476 302 516

Nigel Anthony Reading RIBA LEED GA

TEDx, UKTI GREAT Creativity Campaign-RIBA, Press release, Media coverage, Blog Posts, Conference, Symposia
(including at the Constructal Conference Nanjing UST, and at ARUP Foresight & Innovation, London):


View Nigel’s introductory talk via TEDx here: The Asynsis “Form Follows Flow” Dao of Design

Architect+Designer, Complexity geometer, Sustainability advocate, TEDx speaker, Asynsis principle: More for Less, Form follows Flow

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