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  • Jennifer Ribelin

    Jennifer Ribelin

    Love a rabbit hole. Read. Write. Teach. Mentor. Poet. Grow. Inspire. Love.

  • Veripax


    seeking truth for universal peace

  • gari nickson

    gari nickson

    Resourceful,determined&passionate individual.I Like a bit of an adventure. #Entrepreneur. #Construction, Based in creative #CPH. Co-founder @QuickInspect

  • Melissa Silk

    Melissa Silk

    Lifelong learner

  • Ir Nigel Lam, Eco-Advocate

    Ir Nigel Lam, Eco-Advocate

    A rare man. Aspire to change the world, social and economic systems…..in order to create a eco-sustainable future. A dreamer whom still believes there is Good.

  • Dreams.build


    We are http://dreams.build and we welcome you to the world’s 1st Two-Stage crowdfunding platform.

  • Willo Sana

    Willo Sana

    Heart-Centered Entrepreneur, Speaker, Business Coach & Consultant for Badass Activators & Conscious Creators: http://WilloLovesYou.com + Co-founder @YxYY

  • tokaino


    Paul Swaddle | Architect | Securing smart cities (whatever they are) | BIM & urban futurism | infosec | tech, sounds, coffee & conversation |

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