“Beyond this is the even deeper question of how the universe came to be classical at all, given that cosmologists would have us believe that the big bang was a quantum process. Fields suggests that it is the interaction between the cosmic microwave background and the rest of the universe that causes the quantum nature of the universe to decohere and become classical.”
Perhaps the reason the universe became classical is also because of the behaviours described by the Constructal paradigm and gravitational tension?
Perhaps this profound link between information and energy is further reinforced by recent discoveries in celestial mechanics, where the “few large and many small” spatial and the optimally stable temporal organisation of stellar-planetary systems reveals a new paradigm based on Asynsis geometries and Constructal thermodynamics. #FormFollowsFlow
Perhaps this fundamental information/energy relationship is also related to quantum-critical life and consciousness?

https://medium.com/@ASYNSIS/a-new-music-of-the-spheres-ec97e6923664 https://medium.com/@ASYNSIS/phi-vrs-orch-or-as-above-so-below-6c3a670cf7a7

Architect+Designer, Complexity geometer, Sustainability advocate, TEDx speaker, Asynsis principle: More for Less, Form follows Flow

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